Unleashing the Future of Trade Show Marketing: Exploring Tech Trends

The future of trade show marketing

In the constantly changing marketing landscape, trade show marketing remains a powerful strategy for captivating audiences and establishing long-lasting brand connections.

As technology advances, the future of trade show marketing looks promising, with a range of tech trends and innovations that will transform how brands interact with their audiences. These cutting-edge tech trends will unlock the full potential of immersive brand experiences in the trade show and marketing industry. From mind-blowing mixed reality adventures to AI-powered personalization, we will explore the essential elements that elevate your captivating experiences to new levels.

The future of trade show marketing

Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Imagine a world where the boundaries between reality and the digital realm disappear, and audiences are transported to captivating virtual environments that blur the line between imagination and reality. Mixed reality experiences are poised to dominate the future of trade show marketing. By combining augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), brands can create mind-blowing adventures that seamlessly merge the physical and digital worlds. These experiences engage attendees in interactive storytelling, immersive simulations, captivating virtual narratives, unique and powerful product demo’s, and can elevate brand engagement to incredible new heights.

By embracing the integration of emerging technology and leveraging data-driven insights, we can unlock the full potential of immersive brand experiences. 


Analog Tech & IoT
Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Experience at VidCon US 2022, The future of trade show marketing

While digital continues to expand its influence, its integration into trade show marketing offers unique opportunities for interactivity and engagement. By leveraging new tech, trade show marketers and professionals can gather real-time data on attendee behavior and their preferences by leveraging IoT devices and sensors. This also enables on-the-ground teams to make real-time adjustments to the experience, optimizing elements of the experience. 

As the Internet of Things (IoT) plays a significant role in a solid trade show strategy, there is also a growing trend of integrating analog technology into events and exhibits to provide unique and interactive experiences. Below are a few insights into how experiential marketing agencies, such as our team at FG|PG, are utilizing analog technology and tapping into trends in culture.

Green Screens and Augmented Reality (AR): Experiential agencies are using green screens combined with AR to transport participants into virtual worlds or different environments. By capturing real-time video footage of attendees against a green backdrop, they can replace the background with digital scenes or branded content using AR technology. This allows for highly personalized and immersive experiences, where participants can interact with virtual elements in real-time. An FG|PG example of this approach in action is the experience we created for Fortnite at E3. Integrating green screen video capture technology with a custom made physical recreation of the Fortnite “Baller” we gave attendees a chance to capture and share a moment that literally put them inside the game like never before.

The future of trade show marketing, Fortnite Experience by FGPG

New Twists on Photo Op Booths: Photo op booths have long been a staple of experiential marketing. To enhance the analog element, agencies are incorporating new twists into these booths. This may include using robotic cameras, retro-themed backdrops, 360˚ video booths, light motion capture, vintage props, or physical sets that mimic famous locations or scenes.



Digitally Enhanced Vending Machines: Experiential agencies are reimagining traditional vending machines by incorporating digital elements. These machines often feature interactive touchscreens, gamification and challenges, personalized product recommendations, and immersive visuals.

Giant Claw Machines: A modern twist on the classic arcade game, giant claw machines have become popular attractions at events and exhibits. These supersized machines are designed to capture attention and create a sense of excitement. 

Analog Games and Challenges: Interactive board games, physical puzzles, and collaborative team activities. 


Marvel SnapThe future of trade show marketing, Marvel Snap Exhibit

The award-winning Marvel SNAP Experience, which earned a Gold Ex Award, the Grand Stevie Award and 9X Gold Stevie Awards, 5X Platinum Muse Awards, One Show and ADC Shortlists, and multiple other accolades, was designed to bring to life the cinematic gaming trailer through scenic design, and featured a show stopping activation at the center of it all— The Marvel Snap Collector’s Cube. Modeled after the cube in the game, when people stepped inside, they were transported to a mind-bending, game-fueled, cosmic content capture ride.

The experience integrated digital screens hidden behind two-way mirrors to display over 50 pieces of custom animated content and more than 200 Marvel SNAP cards. The experience included a 360° soundscape with sound effects and authentic character voiceovers. Mirrors covering every surface created the sensation of drifting in infinite cosmic space, riding on a fast-moving elevator that never ends as cards whooshed by, and the feeling of being in the center of a live “in-game” card battle. The tech infused design aimed to ensure that attendees, TikTok users, and gamer influencers could capture content from every angle, creating an endless stream of content to share.


Netflix Video Tunnel

The future of trade show marketing

Step into the vibrant trade show grounds and behold the video tunnel crafted by FG|PG: a mesmerizing display showcasing the pinnacle of technological innovation—an enchanting video tunnel brimming with interactivity.

Within the confines of the captivating 20×30 booth, visual brilliance abounds, with arresting graphics and impactful signage captivating the gaze of each attendee. Yet, it was the resounding excitement that emanated from the tunnel’s awe-inspiring innovation—68 monitors meticulously orchestrated to transport attendees into the very essence of Netflix programming.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of entertainment as this groundbreaking tunnel ensnares your senses. As a delighted guest, you find yourself at the helm, interacting with and getting an exclusive glimpse into the forthcoming seasons of acclaimed shows like Stranger Things and The Defenders.


Fall Guys Green Screen & Tech

The future of trade show marketing, Fall Guys Experience by FG|PG

Imagine entering a massive exhibition space that spans an impressive 150’x70′. In our efforts to create an unforgettable experience, we spared no expense in designing a visually stunning booth that exudes excitement from every corner. Every detail of the booth was carefully created to blend seamlessly with the vibrant world of Fall Guys.

As you explore this immersive wonderland, you will come across 68 gaming stations that are seamlessly integrated into the gaming units that stole the show. This demonstrates our commitment to pushing the limits of technology and providing an unparalleled experience. But that’s not all. Imagine walking on a vibrant pink carpet that radiates a sense of joy and adventure. And there, against a whimsical backdrop, is a green screen photo opportunity where you can unleash your creativity and capture moments of pure delight.


2K Games | Mafia III Experience

The future of trade show marketing, 2K Games at E3 NBA2K17


At the heart of this extraordinary event was a massive 50’x50′ exhibit, carefully curated to transport attendees into a realm where virtual basketball merged seamlessly with real-world engagement. FG|PG left no stone unturned, masterfully designing and fabricating every aspect of the exhibit, ensuring an immersive environment that would leave a lasting impact.

One of the undisputed highlights of the 2K E3 experience was the innovative and immersive basketball hoop. Attendees eagerly formed lines, eagerly awaiting their turn to step onto the virtual court and showcase their skills. With precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, FG|PG created a truly immersive gameplay experience.


Generative AI for Photo Booths

Generative AI is revolutionizing photo moments in experiential marketing by offering unique and dynamic opportunities for attendees to capture and share their experiences. Generative AI algorithms can generate custom filters and effects in real-time to enhance photos. These algorithms analyze the visual elements of the captured image and apply artistic or thematic filters, transforming the photo into a visually stunning and unique representation. This technology allows agencies to offer attendees a wide range of creative options to personalize their photos and make them more shareable on social media.

The tools from AI can be used to dynamically generate virtual backdrops for photo moments. By analyzing real-time inputs, such as attendee movements or gestures, generative AI algorithms can generate ever-changing backgrounds or interactive elements that respond to the attendees’ actions. This creates dynamic and engaging photo opportunities, enhancing the overall experiential marketing experience.

Additionally, an assist in automating the process of photo sharing on social media platforms. By incorporating AI-powered photo recognition, tagging, and captioning, agencies can streamline the sharing experience for attendees. This technology helps in automatically identifying the event, adding relevant hashtags, and even suggesting captions, making it easier for attendees to share their photos and amplify brand reach.


Wrap Up

In reflecting on the convergence of trade show marketing and experiential strategy, we are poised to embrace the unfolding future empowered by the latest trends and technology. With each stroke of innovation, immersive brand encounters spring to life, weaving an enduring imprint on audiences. It is a future where trade shows transcend expectations, catalyzing interactions into transformative journeys. Embrace the boundless potential that awaits, for within this humble realm, brands ignite wonder and forge indelible connections with hearts and minds, etching unforgettable memories

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