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Netflix wanted to make a splash at their first Comic-Con. With a slew of original releases on the horizon and thousands of adoring fans in attendance, one activation wasn’t going to cut it.

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netflix comic con fgpg designed trade show exhibit

On the trade show floor FG|PG designed and built a high tech exhibit featuring an interactive video tunnel.

The 20×30 booth featured eye-catching graphics and impactful signage, but the real buzz was created by an innovative tunnel comprised of 68 monitors. This tunnel was designed to totally immerse attendees in Netflix programming. Guests were able to interact with and preview trailers of the upcoming seasons of Stranger Things, The Defenders, Death Note, and the new movie Bright, starring Will Smith.

Custom software was developed to crawl social media, identifying and sharing influencer content and hashtags.

Utilizing high-tech integration, at designated intervals throughout each day the entire booth would transform into an immersive, interactive social media experience, enabling attendees to post on social media and have their posts become an actual part of the experience. This visually distinct booth was rated one of the top booths to visit at Comic-Con by the Hollywood Reporter.

krysten ritter jessica jones netflix fgpg comic con activation

The Defenders, Stranger Things, and Bright took center stage at an offsite activation.

At the main entrance of the activation, guests were greeted with surprise appearances by the cast of The Defenders. Scenic street scenes with large character cutouts were created for additional photo ops. Museum-style display cases featured iconic props and costumes while Netflix water and swag were doled out by brand ambassadors manning a replica of “Josie’s bar.”

The interior of the activation was packed with engaging experiences that brought Netflix Original, Bright to life.


There was a photo op that placed fans on the throne of the Orc King, and another staged in front of a precinct wall to replicate a mugshot. One of the crowd favorites was a spray-on tattoo station where guests chose from a variety of Orc stencils, but the real showstopper was an augmented reality experience that had fans casting magic spells using the magic wand from the movie.

“The all hands on deck approach, professionalism and creativity made this experience far surpass all others… and I can say that we wrapped yesterday as one big family! Thank you again – FG|PG made The Netflix Experience the hit it was!”

Dara Sayet/Account Director

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