Fall Guys @ VIDCON 2022

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We were asked by our long-time client EPIC GAMES to create a light, animated, bright, colorful, and engaging exhibit to help launch the new game title Fall Guys at VidCon 2022, the show returned to the Anaheim Convention Center after a 2-year hiatus and was expecting quite a large crowd, making it a perfect location to exhibit in conjunction with the game’s release date. EPIC further challenged us to utilize/repurpose items from previous shows which were in storage for budget efficiency and sustainability.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Experience at VidCon US 2022

The exhibit space was massive at 150’x70′, we developed a loud design (and fabricated every inch) to support the Fall Guys characters. The booth included 68 gaming stations embedded into existing gaming units we built for Fornite @ E3 several years back, along with a bright pink carpet, a fun green screen photo op, a media wall, and huge inflatables, the largest being the rainbow arch at 26’ long x 3’ deep x 13’ high.

The exhibit hall opened this Thursday (6/23/22). so we are in process of creating a case study video to do this exhibit justice, but needless to say, it stole the show and EPIC’s servers slowed when they had over 10 million downloads for the game vs the anticipated 7 million downloads. The brand continues to receive a ton of press and the booth is one of the busiest at VidCon. We see influencers at the space throughout the day using the exhibit as a backdrop for their content creations.

This is what we are good at, whether it’s a corporate space with modern exhibitry or an epic, mind-blowing environment. We earn our clients an unfair share of attention, and the more challenging the job, the better. We know we can do just about anything!

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