The Making of a Fan-First, Tech Infused, Marvel Snap Launch at NY Comic Con

Marvel Snap Exhibit - Comic Con NYC 2022 - Experiential Group



Marvel SNAP partnered with FG|PG to deliver our unique blend of creative, technology, content creation, production, and fabrication expertise (all-under-one-roof) to create an epic launch moment at New York Comic Con, designed to excite fans, the press, and drive downloads of the new game. And together, we delivered superhero results.

Marvel is one of the most well known and beloved entertainment brands in the world. Their characters and storylines span comics, film, TV, and culture. In total, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grossed over $25 billion worldwide. So it’s not surprising that their fanbase is vast. That fanbase is also highly tuned in to the details of the characters and storylines, expecting authenticity when the brand is brought to life.

Marvel, in partnership with Bytedance, Nuverse and Second Dinner (the game developers), was about to launch its first ever, fast paced, adrenaline fueled, strategic card battler game— Marvel Snap. The free-to-play game would bring together every character in the Marvel multiverse which had never been done before across any platform.

  • 200,000+ engagements at New York Comic Con
  • 10,000+ attendees in our booth each day
  • Non-stop lines that lasted nearly the entire day 10 hour day, every day for attendees eager to step into our Cosmic Collectors Infinity Cube Experience.
  • 2000+ attendees per day stepped inside the Cosmic Collectors Infinity Cube Experience
  • Thousands of gameplay demo’s per day by attendees 
  • Over 130M Total Media Impressions
  • Top gamers and influencers posted to their millions of followers in our booth, and using content created in our space
  • Adweek “The Most Mind-Blowing Brand Activations at New York Comic Con 2022”
  • Covered by Publications such as: Adweek, BizBash, Muse by Clio, PC Gamer, Yahoo Finance, Shack News,
  • Over 5.4 Million Downloads in the first week of launch— more than any other mobile gaming launch!
  • #1 game in the Apple App Store
  • #1 game in the Google Play Store



  • Ex Award Gold
  • American Business Awards (AKA: The Stevie Awards) – 9X Gold + Most Awarded Agency of the Year
  • Muse Creativity Awards – (4X Platinum, 1X Gold)
  • One Show Awards Shortlist
  • ADC Awards Shortlist
  • The Drum Awards – Marketing Americas – Finalist



Defining success for a brand or product launch often comes in many forms. For Marvel SNAP, we had multiple drivers – all leading to the ultimate goal of creating a compelling experience and trade show booth designed to drive downloads for the new game.

The primary objectives for Marvel SNAP’s launch at New York Comic Con were to generate buzz within the industry, bring the game to life, drive pre-registrations and downloads, create a memorable showcase moment to unveil all the unique features and diverse array of characters from across the vast Marvel multiverse.

Our target was the 250,000+ attendees that include Marvel Comic fans, as well as gamers of all types that attend the show. This included the many major influencers, micro influencers and media/press in attendance that could drive scale for the game launch. Our goal was to get them to learn about the game, play it, and actually “feel” the energy of the game through a unique experience.

The stakes were high, and we had to hit it out of the park as one unified FG|PG X Marvel SNAP team, as this would be the first live experience for the game, and the first chance for people to actually play the game prior to the official game release just days after the show. 



When Marvel SNAP partnered with FG|PG, they put their trust in us to ensure we would help bring the Marvel brand to life, and every nuance of the multiverse of characters, with authenticity and accuracy. As a creative marketing agency that has worked with many gaming brands with well known IP, we understand the importance of getting every detail right. Because true Marvel fans will accept nothing less. That meant beyond our team’s built-in Marvel expertise and passion, we did our homework by diving into all the unique artistic variations of characters that are within the Marvel SNAP game, the unique combinations of characters that can be played, as well as mining through every nuance of the official animated Marvel SNAP game trailer for elements we could leverage.

All that research was essential, as we know Marvel fans are highly tuned in to the details of the characters and storylines, expecting authenticity when the brand is brought to life. Equally important is how deeply fans get invested in the content. They are incredibly dedicated—writing and posting theories about new storylines. They analyze and scrutinize any Marvel-related content or experiences and every micro-detail. If you get it right, they’ll praise you. If you get it wrong, they’ll call you out on it.

For us, one of the unique insights we could lean into was that within this game, for the first time, there was a world where the heroes and villains from various parts of the Marvel universe could finally play together. Marvel SNAP gave fans/players the ability to step into the Marvel multiverse, and bend some of the realities that already existed between characters. Our next challenge was to find unique ways to bring that insight to life.



To showcase the game and tap into Marvel fandom, our Chief Creative Officer who also led the projects creative said “Our vision was to create a way for people to be transported from their world on the show floor and instantly immersed into the Marvel multiverse… to literally invite them to step into the game and be surrounded by the sights, SFX, signature character voices, and the infinite possibilities the game enables.”

To deliver on this vision, a multi-disciplined team at FG|PG that included designers, engineers, content creators, producers, fabricators, and techno-wizards worked together to create a multi-media, tech infused, Marvel SNAP experience that surrounded guests with scenic design and immersed them into the story by recreating details of the cinematic gaming trailer within a one-of-a-kind, Marvel SNAP Cosmic Collector’s Cube.



Daily Bugle Building - NYC Comic Con 2022 - Global Experiential Marketing
Marvel Streetfront - NYC Comic Con 2022 - Experiential Agency
Marvel Streetfront - NYC Comic Con 2022 - Experiential Marketing
Marvel Streetfront - NYC Comic Con 2022 - Experiential Group

For us, a great experience drives intrigue from a distance. We ask ourselves, what do people see from across the hall at 200ft out? What do they see and hear from 50ft away? Then… as they get closer and step into our space, what gets them to engage with us? What surprises do they discover? What’s their reward for spending time with us? What gets them taking photos and videos and sharing?

Taking all of this into consideration, we leveraged our fabrication expertise in scenic design to recreate a scene from the official cinematic animated gaming trailer that was released three months prior to our event. Building by building, brick by brick, our space showcased some of the most iconic Marvel elements from the trailer that we knew fans would love. This included a nearly three story Daily Bugle building with a hidden Spiderman in a window, the entrance to Oscorp Industries, a NYC bodega that also featured gaming stations, the law office of Nelson & Murdock (part of the Daredevil comic world), hero and villain wild postings, and dozens of additional hidden easter eggs to provide attendees and super fans with endless organic photo and video opportunities. 



Marvel Snap Cube Montage - NYC Comic Con 2022 - Global Experiential Marketing

At the center of our experience, as though dropped down from a portal in the multiverse, was our show stopping activation— The Marvel Snap Collectors Cube Experience.
Modeled after the iconic Cube within the game, as people stepped inside our giant Marvel SNAP Collectors Cube, they were instantly transported into a mind-bending, game fueled, cosmic content capture ride.



We utilized digital screens hidden behind two-way mirrors to create a digitally fueled infinite landscape. Across this landscape, we showcased over 50 pieces of original custom animated content that featured over 200+ Marvel SNAP cards.

A 360° soundscape featured SFX and authentic character voiceovers from a wide variety of characters including The Hulk, Spiderman, The Torch, Galactus, Black Panther, Thing, Thor, Nick Fury, and many more.

Mirrors across every surface made it feel like you were drifting in infinite cosmic space; on a fast moving never-ending elevator ride; and at the center of a live “in-game” card battle. It was all designed to ensure attendees, and TikTok and gamer influencers, could capture content from every angle, creating endless variations to share on social.


Marvel Snap Cube Gif - Experiential Agency
Marvel Snap Cube Gif - Experiential Marketing

Marvel Snap Cube Gif - Experiential Group

Marvel Snap Cube Gif - Global Experiential Marketing



Game Demo Station - Experiential Agency
Beyond the importance of driving buzz, live engagement, and content we wanted people to experience the game for the first time ever… so including gaming stations with brand experts nearby for support was core to our approach.

Our first look gameplay stations surrounded our space giving guests a chance to play the game before the official release. Scannable QR codes enabled our guests to scan for an advance link to download the game, while our brand ambassadors also handed out custom swag that also included QR codes to drive downloads beyond the moment.

Daily giveaways, and the chance to meet the developers and gaming influencers that stopped by our space each day rounded out the experience.



At FG|PG we are experts at experience making. That could be a live experience, a content experience, a digital experience, or something that blends it all together. When planning any experience, the most important thing to define right from the start are your goals and to identify where the opportunities are that can help your brand stand out. We believe success also requires taking a consumer-first approach. Ask yourself if you would actually enjoy experiencing the thing you are creating. Would it catch your attention? Would you wait in line for it? Would you tell a friend about it or share your experience on social media?

Once you’ve aligned on all of the above, it’s critical to ensure that your vision, your expectations, and the most epic of creative ideas can be achieved by choosing a partner that can also deliver flawless execution and production. For us, the logistics and small details matter as much as the big idea. Planning out how thousands of people will step through your space and have an amazing experience each day, and potentially share it all with their followers, matters as much as ensuring that the one super influencer or talent that you’ve contracted is made to feel special.

If you want to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of Marvel SNAP, or other experiences we’ve created like 2K Games at E3, Fall Guys at VidCon, Netflix at SDCC, give us a shout.


Marvel Snap Cube Results - Experiential Marketing

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