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ifa 2022

IFA 2022, Europe’s biggest Consumer Electronics Show, wrapped up its show recently. It returned to its usual Messe Berlin Exhibition Center in Berlin, Germany, after a two-year absence. Although the show attempted a return in 2020, it could not host its typical brand experience show due to social and travel restrictions. This year’s event sees a considerable return and is back to its regular dates on the technology calendar.

For 2022’s consumer electronics event, we saw over 30 exhibition halls filled with brand activations, brand experiences, exhibitions, and demonstrations from some of the world’s biggest technology brands, including Huawei, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, TCL, and many more. Additionally, brands not attached to IFA saw the show as an opportunity to launch new products.

Over its four days, the weekend was jam-packed with new and cutting-edge technology. FGPG uncovers the latest products demonstrated at this year’s IFA 2022 Consumer Electronics Show and shares insight on the newest tech to look out for. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show revealed everything from 8K television to the state-of-the-art Dolby sound bars to wireless headphones and autonomous car tech.

Recap of IFA 2022

Between September 2 and 6, 2022, the IFA show began with many brands launching new product activations, as overall attendance was strong. Just over 160,000 attendees gather at the Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin during the five days of the show. In contrast to the pre-pandemic years, industry professionals and trade visitors made up most of the attendees at this year’s show. Additionally, many exhibitors described an unusually high number of meetings during the presentation. 

Regarding the media presence at the show, the IFA attracted a substantial collection of media presence, with more than 2,500 journalists attending the show in Berlin and about half representing international media organizations. The show reported and uncovered coverage of IFA 2022 by publications and broadcasters in over 100 countries worldwide. Although global conflicts like ongoing supply chain interruption and inflationary issues, the exhibitors at IFA 2022 recorded an immense order volume. Ultimately, many surprising announcements were made. However, not all were notable and significant. FGPG walks through unique products that were presented at this year’s IFA 2022.

Best Products of IFA 2022

Technology fanatics are back in person, and the IFA spent their time showcasing the opportunity to explore the show floor for the best products in various categories that FGPG covers. Here are the best and most noteworthy products found at IFA 2022. 

Mobile Phone Activations


IFA 2022


The Honor 70 is a mid-range phone that feels premium in many ways, from its funky design to its 120Hz screen with curved edges to its cutting-edge camera sensor. It features the first appearance of a new Sony-made camera sensor that lets in more light for richer, sharper photos, which means it packs a big photography punch, especially for its low weight. When you also factor in excellent battery life, great-looking OLED screen, and fast-charging support, all for a meager price, it’s easy to see why this is a worthy winner of one of our Best of IFA 2022 awards.


IFA 2022

Sony Xperia 5 IV

Announced just before IFA, the Sony Xperia 5 IV is a smaller, cheaper version of the flagship Xperia 1 IV. Users will love its compact size, a rare characteristic these days, but despite being smaller than the 1 IV, it has a larger battery. It may not have the flagship’s variable focal length camera, but it has 4K 120fps video and Sony’s best-in-class eye auto-focus on all rear lenses. And these sound like pretty decent compromises to us. Available from Amazon come end-September.


IFA 2022


Nokia has announced a range of products at IFA 2022, including its new Circular subscription service. This scheme is designed to offer monthly payments for devices, but reward people for keeping their phones for longer. Nokia has also launched the X30 5G, G60 5G, and T21 – a new tablet, as well as some other accessories.

Laptop Activations

IFA 2022

IFA 2022 BEST COMPUTING TECH: Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED

Just the second product to launch in the foldable-screen laptop category, the Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED is a sight to behold. It smoothly transforms from a 17-inch tablet to a 12.5-inch laptop, making it look classy. It’s packed with features, providing everything the discerning laptop – and tablet – user could ask for in 2022. Prices start at $3,499 in Q4, 2022, with additional details on Asus’ landing page.


IFA 2022

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

After kickstarting the foldable display laptop category in 2019, Lenovo delivered its follow-up to the 2020s original 13-inch X1 Fold with the new 16-inch X1 Fold. With an improved full-size backlit keyboard, beefed-up performance, and additional productivity features, the X1 Fold has tightened up practically every aspect of its trailblazing predecessor. The new X1 Fold starts at $2,499 and is expected to go on sale in November 2022.

TV Activations

IFA 2022


this year’s IFA featured beaucoup bending screens. The LG OLED Flex is a clever design that makes the most of what OLED can do, geared towards making the ultimate gaming TV. Based on the same panel technology as the 42-inch LG C2, you can use it as a flat, regular TV – but also has two motorized arms on the back that can push the edges of the screen forward to create a curve. And you can choose from 20 different levels of curve, for whatever suits your setup. At the same time, it feature all of LG’s most advanced TV tech, including its latest-gen image processor, 4K 120Hz support, G-Sync and FreeSync compatibility and Dolby Vision HDR.


IFA 2022

TCL C935 4K Mini-LED TV

TCL is justifiably proud of its new 98-inch 4K behemoth, the C935: the world’s largest mini-LED TV. Boasting QLED technology and 1,920 local dimming zones, a 144Hz variable refresh rate, Dolby Vision IQ, certification by IMAX Enhanced, and Google TV onboard, it’s not just the size that’s impressive. Get the full specs and details on TCL’s website.

Other Award Winning & Notable Products at IFA 2022


IFA 2022


these true wireless earbuds just set a new standard. For a mid-range price, you’re getting active noise cancellation powered by a plethora of mics, including one inside the ear that promises to stop the quality of the ANC from being too dependent on a perfect fit.

You also get aptX high-quality sound support and Bluetooth 5.2, which means they can support the new, better sounding, and more energy efficient Bluetooth audio format.

IFA 2022

Withings Body Comp smart scale

When it comes to health monitoring, body composition is just the beginning. The new Withings Body Comp will estimate the ratio between fat and muscle in your body, but it will also check the health of your arteries and nerves. It will even warn you when the level of visceral fat is too high. All this functionality is packed into what looks like a regular bathroom scale, bringing seamless health monitoring one step closer to reality.

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