FGPG Partners with MPI for Events Docuseries


As the revival of meetings and events is in full swing, MPI released a corporate docuseries, Experience Professionals: Inside the Industry that Brings People Together, which features the relationship between in-person events to business development. The docuseries shares an inside look at the people that allow the world of events to keep spinning. Meeting Professionals International collaborated with dBase Media to compile a docuseries demonstrating how meeting planners operate through the perspective of how much influence the meetings and events industry has on the world. By engaging with relevant sponsors that shared the same message, the production of the docuseries was spearheaded by multiple episodes that advocated the project’s mission.

“The docuseries is a little bit of an industry advocacy message,” said Drew Holmgreen, the chief brand officer of MPI. “It’s also a promotional push for MPI, so we’ve tried to find different channels to get that message out there.”

Collaboration and Communication

The docuseries is narrated by former Good Morning America and CBS Early Show Correspondent Taryn Winter Brill. Brill shares that through effective collaboration, communication, and with the right aide, it is achievable to create “meetings that matter.

Homlgreen mentions, “There’s a segment in the first episode that focuses on the economic impact this industry made pre-pandemic. It was $1.2 trillion in direct business sales from events. If it was an economy, it would have been the 13th-largest economy in the world, employing well over 10 million people globally. It’s a huge industry, and it’s virtually unknown.”

Drew Holmgreen shares his insight in the docuseries, where he discusses the benefits of connections at both the community and chapter levels. The MPI CBO also covers the four key connecting pillars: advocacy, collaboration, and education.


Creative Approaches

The docuseries also touches on several other topics, including how in-person meetings build drive-through collaboration that acts as an accelerator for business growth. Annette Gregg, chief revenue officer at MPI, discusses the tasks and creative approaches to collaboration, intentional networking, and matching the right solutions.

“This docuseries helps shed light on exactly how relevant and impactful events are to our global economy and how, as a group in a community of really smart, sophisticated, passionate individuals, we’ll battle our way back in,” Holmgreen said. “People crave and need face-to-face meetings. It’s been incredibly evident that we need to be together.”

Learn more and watch the docuseries here: Experience Professionals

FGPG Collaborates with MPI and dBase Media

FG|PG partnered with Meeting Professionals International (MPI) to share the importance of designing immersive experiences and exhibits using creativity and innovation to deliver a human-centric experience. Check out this episode from the Experience Professionals docuseries to learn how the event’s industry brings people together to inspire business opportunities. 

Click here for the full video: https://youtu.be/xaTWP596zAI

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