"We Are Porsche Exhibit" at the Petersen Museum

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The “We Are Porsche” exhibit, created by FGPG for the Petersen Automotive Museum, celebrated Porsche’s rich legacy, showcased iconic Porsche models, engaged visitors through interactive experiences, and featured the brand’s engineering prowess.




As a long time partner to the Petersen Automotive Museum, FGPG was challenged to create an exhibit that brought to life the total essence of Porsche throughout its history. This included showcasing a wide assortment of Porsche vehicles in a way that gave people access but kept certain vehicles themselves safe from harm, inspired education about the many engineering details that go into the vehicles, and included videos and multi-media to round out the story.


We designed an elegant and minimalist exhibit that allowed Porsche vehicles to take center stage while leveraging every usable element of the museum infrastructure. Super graphics cascaded across long walls. Info displays and photography enabled car enthusiasts to learn more at their own pace. Multimedia displays, including videos, provided a deeper understanding of Porsche’s design principles and engineering. Curated vehicle displays in different zones of the exhibit showcased Porsche’s evolution, allowing visitors to engage with the brand’s technology firsthand.

The “We Are Porsche” exhibit successfully celebrated Porsche’s rich heritage while helping to continue to elevate the Petersen Automotive Museum as one of the most iconic automotive destinations in the world.



  • The “We Are Porsche” Exhibit has been one of the most visited exhibits in the Petersen Automotive Museum line up
  • The launch event generated industry press among auto enthusiast publications and beyond

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