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This was WayRay’s third time at Consumer Electronics Show, they came to us with two objectives: to increase brand awareness, and increase foot and lead capture despite their small footprint.

FGPG WayRay at CES 2020

FG|PG took on the challenge to enhance the design elements by creating an interactive digital engagement which involved using the clients’ product in order to achieve efficiencies within the small footprint. The overall booth design and interactive engagements won the day, making this an integrated element of the attendees’ journey with their environment. The interactive engagement displayed a collaboration between WayRay and Doosan Bobcat and expanded WayRay’s holographic AR tech beyond the automotive industry, bringing new AR applications to construction and agriculture industries. The Add-on Holographic AR Display in the Bobcat loader helped showcase to attendees how to operate the equipment more efficiently as well as minimize accidents by offering an expansive view of the environment around the vehicle, displayed in AR. It was a showstopper.

Our interactive solutions coupled with the streamlined booth design not only allowed the client to showcase their unique technology, but also created a memorable experience for the product and for the brand.

This resulted in 35% more lead capture from the previous year. WayRay enjoyed a steady stream of traffic and increased dwell time throughout the show. We were advised this was their most successful event since they began attending CES.

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