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Murder On The Orient Express Vip Movie Screening

When premium Belgian chocolatier, Godiva, announced its exciting new partnership with 20th Century Fox for the much-anticipated film Murder on the Orient Express, a big screen reimaging of the classic mystery novel by master storyteller Agatha Christie, they tapped FG|PG to help create a movie screening event to kick it all off.

Set in the 1930s, what starts out as a lavish train ride through Europe quickly unfolds into one of the most stylish, suspenseful and thrilling mysteries ever told. Our job, was to bring this partnership to life by creating an upscale, VIP movie screening event that brought the film, and the new limited edition chocolates, to life.

In the spirit of the movie, we leaned into the upscale “travel” thematic, inviting our guests to create their very own passports, luggage tags, while being surrounded by an environment that tapped the sophisticated, old world travel elements of the Orient Express.

Synonymous with the craftsmanship, quality and chocolate artistry for which Godiva is renowned, the delicious chocolates were packaged in vintage-inspired, limited edition gold gift boxes featuring a stylish Orient Express themed design. To build on this sophistication, we showcased the chocolates in old world leather luggage and travel trunks. Additional design elements infused into the thematic included elements such as pearls, “passenger tickets”, and “bar car” styled old world cocktails.

The chocolatier also celebrated its first movie collaboration with a delicious Belgian special-flavoured hot chocolate with an eye-catching new sleeve, playful chocolate moustaches on sticks, and a bundle of four of Godiva’s exquisite G Collection tablets, which were presented in a beautiful train-inspired packaging and at the ready for guests to enjoy.

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