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In February of 2020 FG|PG and Open Drives began strategic planning meetings for a new exhibit build and brand experience to launch this young brand at the NAB show, a few weeks later the world came to a close.

Open Drives Logo
Open Drives

What we thought would be a short shutdown turned into 2 years, in between we began discussions for a virtual event for Open Drives, but the open drives team felt strongly their brand would be best represented live, so fast forward 2 years later and we finally had a chance to debut the Open Drives brand with a new exhibit build for the much anticipated return of the NAB 2022 show.

The exhibit needed multiple meeting rooms for sales meetings with buyers, as well as product showcase. There was also a need for ample storage, we knew we needed to bring this brand to life and static graphics just wasn’t going to do it, so the overhead sign was a massive LED screen which breathed life into the space and made the Open Drives exhibit a focal point in the hall.

Open Drives Demo Room at NAB

We were all happy to celebrate along with the Open Drives team the accolade “NAB Product of the Year” they received from the show promoters. Open Drives indeed has a suite of innovative and tech forward products and we are fortunate to have been given the opportunity to design the exhibit that helped them showcase the product and put their best foot forward.

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