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In 2016, one year after FG|PG launched Oculus VR, the brand contacted us to help them take the technology around the globe in a series of events called “Oculus Anywhere”.

FGPG Oculus Anywhere Global Campaign

After six of design and engineering iterations with attention to the finest details about Oculus’s first VR headset “the Rift”, the program was launched with 200 custom demo kiosks that were deployed globally through 2019. Over the course of the next four years, at any given time, FG|PG managed all 200 units for in-person demos with 1 to 1 brand ambassadors to consumer throughout the world.

When the next gen VR units were launched; “the Quest”, the Oculus Anywhere units designed for the Rift unit, were easily adapted to accommodate both the Quest models.

The program for both the Rift and Quest units was so successful, that Facebook has since contracted FG|PG to create a custom made double sided kiosk that accommodates both the Oculus Go unit and Facebook’s Portal product for a global deployment in 2022.

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