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FG|PG leveraged greenhouse-inspired design elements to highlight the power of Hydrofarm’s hydroponic equipment.

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hydrofarm trade show booth display fgpg experiential

Hydrofarm is the largest independent distributor of hydroponic equipment in North America.

As an industry leader, they came to FG|PG seeking an innovative display that could be utilized at several different events throughout the year to attract show attendees and display their revolutionary products.

Our talented team of creatives answered the call by designing and building a modular trade show exhibit that seamlessly transforms into different configurations and can be custom-tailored to event spaces ranging from 10×10 to 20×30.

Hydrofarm had four goals for their new trade show booth:

1. Place key emphasis on Hydrofarm products

2. Smooth traffic flow and easy access from all angles

3. Prominently feature Hydrofarm’s trusted brand identity

4. Modular design for a custom look at every event

Hydrofarm provides unparalleled support and empowerment for growers in the indoor, hydroponic, organic, and greenhouse gardening industries.

With the goal of designing a booth that represents Hydrofarm’s mission in a visual capacity, we created a greenhouse-like structure using overhead tresses and curated graphic backdrops to simulate the ideal growing environment.

An open layout provided visibility and access from all angles so attendees could easily view Hydrofarm’s innovative lighting solutions and grow tables which serve as the main focal point of the environment. Branding is utilized throughout with an emphasis placed on key taglines to ensure that Hydrofarm’s message comes through loud and clear.

Thoughtful product placement and displays throughout the exhibit worked in conjunction with more detailed information available on LED screens to communicate Hydrofarm’s 40-year track record as the leading independent specialty gardening wholesaler and manufacturer. This booth has made Hydrofarm a memorable exhibitor at MJBizCon 2018, CannaGrow, Lift & Co., and MJBizCon 2019.

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