Experiential Inspiration Vol. 1: Burger King, Microsoft, & Adobe

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Welcome to Experiential Inspiration, FG|PG‘s one-stop-shop for quality content from all corners of the World Wide Web.

We’re stoked you found your way here and after clicking through a few of the slides below, you will be too. Trust us.

Think of this deck as the best 15 minutes of your day, your brain food, your time to explore what’s out there and get inspired.


In volume one, you’ll find a campaign that brought Burger King and McDonald’s together for a day (crazy, we know); a delicatessen filled with groceries made out of felt; a list of 101 times brands went viral this year; our favorite Christmas commercial of the holiday season thus far (yes, we know it’s only November 5th… don’t come for us); and everything in between.


If you get to the end of volume one and find yourself wanting more, don’t worry.



Check back on the reg for additional inspo that’ll keep you up-to-date on the hottest trends and latest insights. Plus, you know, we’ll probably sprinkle in some puppy videos or feel-good ads to make your day that much brighter. ?

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