Crafting Unforgettable Festivals, & Outdoor Events for Spring & Summer

Crafting Unforgettable Festivals - Experiential Marketing

Crafting an unforgettable festival experience requires meticulous planning, creative ingenuity, and an unparalleled ability to transform brand activations into immersive experiences.  These dynamic festival spaces are sculpted by defining trends shaping the entire experience. FGPG continues to stand at the forefront, reshaping festival engagement and pushing the envelope of experiential marketing. Our expertise lies in crafting immersive, human-to-human experiences that echo far beyond the festival’s end. Let’s dig into how FGPG creates extraordinary festival moments that will stay with you for years to come.

Unveiling FG|PG’s Capabilities

Our extensive portfolio showcases a profound grasp of festival culture, infusing these events with immersive experiences that transcend the expected. As we peel back the layers to reveal the essence behind our creations, you’ll see these experiences are not merely crafted; they’re carefully designed to resonate deeply within the hearts and minds of attendees.

San Diego Comic-Con: Where Fantasy Meets Reality

Think about San Diego Comic-Con, a thrilling event where our work becomes a defining feature of the festival experience. Amidst this dynamic setting, we embarked on an ambitious project where our interactive experiences were customized to seamlessly immerse fans into their beloved stories. 

Netflix Display - Experiential Group

Take, for instance, Netflix’s remarkable debut at Comic-Con, facilitated by FG|PG’s cutting-edge experience. Spanning a 20×30 booth, the exhibit boasted an immersive video tunnel comprising 68 monitors. Attendees were treated to previews of upcoming seasons from popular shows like Stranger Things, The Defenders, Death Note, and the film Bright. The booth was transformed into an interactive social media hub using custom software, earning praise from the Hollywood Reporter. Beyond the convention center, surprise cast appearances, street scenes, and museum-style displays heightened the excitement.

Sampling at Festivals: The Taste of Unforgettable Moments

Sampling events are a playground for engaging the senses and imprinting brand experiences. We’ve orchestrated sampling events that pushed past the limits, curating moments where taste, touch, sight, and sound collide. Our approach goes beyond mere product placement; it’s about crafting experiences that evoke emotions, allowing festival-goers to not just try, but fully immerse themselves in the essence of a brand.

Pacifico Porch - Global Experiential Marketing

At the esteemed Bottle Rock Music Festival in Napa, California, FG|PG orchestrated an immersive, and chill experience with  the Pacifico Porch Experience, located within the Consumer Lounge. We crafted a 30 x 30 structure resembling a porch with four posts, complete with swings and a branded buoy for unique photo opportunities. Emphasizing comfort under the California sun, our design provided ample shade, and a moment to relax, essential in the festival setting. The fusion of functional elements like wood panels, shipping rope, and metal trusses not only served a purpose but also exuded a surf-style aesthetic, perfectly encapsulating the brand and the festival’s vibe.

Tito's Handmade Vodka Float - Experiential Agency

FG|PG played a pivotal role, crafting a visually captivating float adorned with a custom copper wall and heart that illuminated during evening gatherings. The team designed and activated a traveling float program for Tito’s Handmade Vodka, designed to hit spring and summer events across the country, sharing Tito’s message, “LOVE IS LOVE.” The float, featuring 8’ replica bottles showered crowds with custom confetti, was staffed with a diverse team of brand ambassadors, drag queens, and DJs, infusing local authenticity into each activation. Beyond Pride month, and the location festivals and activations we hit, Tito’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ cause persists, demonstrated through ongoing support and donations, making them a cherished ally within the community.

Outdoor Immersives

Stepping into the great outdoors doesn’t mean sacrificing immersive experiences. Our outdoor activations reimagine the external environment as a canvas for unforgettable encounters. Whether using augmented reality to weave digital narratives into scenic vistas or creating interactive installations that seamlessly blend in, our approach to outdoor immersive ensures brands shine in unconventional settings.

Goliath Statue - Experiential Marketing

Crafting the iconic Goliath from Evolve by 2K specifically for San Diego Comic-Con, our team designed this colossal sculpture to grace the outdoor landscape throughout the entire event. The fortunate mild, sunny climate of San Diego’s summer provided the perfect backdrop, ensuring ideal conditions for our seamless installation and build process, allowing us to bring this awe-inspiring creation to life under the open skies. Of course, we also built it to withstand the weather, just in case.

Creating Memorable Festivals & Outdoor Events with FG|PG

In the realm of crafting memorable festivals and outdoor events for the spring and summer seasons, now’s the time to engage our team.  From reshaping traditional booth setups to orchestrating immersive experiences to crafting unique sampling moments, our commitment and passion for innovation, dedication to creative ingenuity, and the pursuit of extraordinary encounters continue to define our approach. 

For inquiries and to explore the possibilities, contact us at or (714) 367-9260. Join us on this journey into the extraordinary world of experiential marketing. Your brand’s future begins here with FGPG.

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