CINC Systems at CAI National

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FGPG redefined community engagement for CINC Systems at CAI National 2024 with an innovative booth that fused immersive design and interactive elements. The booth spotlighted CINC’s intuitive HOA software and its commitment to enhancing community living—the REDEFINING COMMUNITY Experience.



“The industry isn’t glamorous, so we like to have some fun. We’re not the life of the party, but

we are the host(ess) who made the epic party happen so our clients can be the life of the


CINC Systems tasked FGPG with designing and building an innovative, engaging booth for the CAI National 2024 conference, held at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. The goal was to create a dynamic space that showcased CINC’s cutting-edge software solutions and highlighted its unique personality and commitment to enhancing community living.

Booth Specifications:

  • Size: 16×20
  • Event: CAI National 2024 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
  • Organization: Community Association Institute (CAI)
  • Audience: Community association managers, homeowner board members, and business partners

CINC Systems


The CINC Systems team had a vision for our thought leadership campaign: “Redefine Community.” This empowering and engaging campaign celebrates the diversity of our generationally varied communities. Despite our differences in how we define community living, we are all connected through technology and a shared investment in bettering our living spaces.

To bring this vision to life, we designed a booth inspired by The Game of Life – Community Edition. This gamified experience highlights different neighborly personas, emphasizing the ease and efficiency that CINC Systems brings to community management. Visitors to the booth embarked on a journey through a playful, interactive landscape that showcased how CINC’s innovative software simplifies and enhances community living, demonstrating the tangible benefits of using CINC compared to navigating community management without it.


We listened…

We embraced our client’s vision…

And, we brought it to life!

Our execution featured a life-sized board game highlighting CINC technology and the myriad benefits of using CINC, creating an engaging and informative experience for attendees. The booth also included a 360-degree photo opportunity, capturing the fun and scenic elements representing the CINC community. To further enhance the experience, an internally lit hanging sign showcased CephAI—CINC’s AI technology, aptly named after the constellation Cepheus, which resembles the stick-figure houses we drew as children, evoking a nostalgic sense of home and community.

Working hand in hand with CINC, we meticulously matched all graphics in the exhibit to a real-life board game that CINC created. These games were handed out as giveaways to attendees who participated, seamlessly integrating our design with CINC’s interactive vision and ensuring a memorable and cohesive experience for all participants.


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