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This year marks the 20th year and the anticipated return of the Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) 2022. Held at the prestigious MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 3-day conference welcomed Agencies, Brands, and Vendors, all excited to reunite in person once again. The long-awaited opportunity to return to live experiences was a fresh reminder of how circumstances have shifted to a “new normal.” The outfall left us with a few significant changes that we can all learn from in the experiential marketing industry.

What does the return of EMS 2022 mean? The event allows experiential marketing experts to reunite for the chance to network, observe, and retain the latest strategies and guidance to improve their experiential marketing efforts.

FGPG was proud and excited to have hosted a panel discussion by our Founder and CEO, Frédérique Georges. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with our entertainment-based panelists who shared their insights and personal point-of-view on various “Entertainment Meets Culture” topics: Laura Halasa, Director of Experiential Marketing & Events at Warner Bros Games, and Wayneston Harbeson, Senior Vice President of Operations & Events at National Association of Television Programming Executives.


EMS Panel Roll Call


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Frederique “Freddie” Georges
Founder and CEO of the experiential agency, FG|PG 

Based out of Southern California, we are humbled to also be celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year, FGPG’s credentials include Fortnite, Oculus, WB, Blizzard ENT, Rock Star Games, AMC Networks, Crown Media, Facebook (Meta), and many more.


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Laura Halasa
Director of Experiential Marketing & Events at Warner Bros Games

Laura has 19 years of industry experience, currently leading both internal & external, B2B & B2C, marketing & events ranging from trade show strategy to digital marketing. Not surprisingly, Laura has an exceptionally impressive rap sheet of event awards that include her time with Blizzard Entertainment prior to joining WB Games. For those who are video game supporters, you will undoubtedly recognize some WB Game titles and products that Laura oversees marketing and events for, such as Lego Star Wars, Hogwarts Legacy, Harry Potter Wizarding World, DC Super-Villains, Mortal Kombat, and of course many more.


wayneston headshot for Experiential Marketing Summit 2022 panel
Wayneston Harbeson
Senior Vice President of Operations & Events at NATPE

NATPE, is a 50 plus year association where almost all television content is bought and sold. Television products like Oprah, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune. Unlike Laura, Wayneston’s clients and therefor events are exclusively B2B with and for virtually every broadcast network: NBC, CBS Viacom, WB, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Studios and of course all the streaming services, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.


Where Entertainment Meets Culture

Watch the full panel in the video provided below, in which our very own Freddie Georges moderates the discussion filled with a wide range of topics that touch on entertainment and culture. In this discussion, you will have the opportunity to hear from experts in the experiential marketing industry, and talk about the future of entertainment and technology. From NFTs to the future of hybrid events, the panel will inform you about what’s to come for the industry as we navigate through a post-pandemic climate.


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