COVID-19 Update

FG | PG Live Experience Redirection Guide

As event cancellations continue to spiral due to the widespread of coronavirus and precautions for public safety, despite the understandable fear or worry you may be experiencing, FG|PG would like to be your partner in focusing on preparation instead of panic. We have created an Experiential Marketing Redirection Guide to assist clients in making tough decisions on how to safely reach and engage their audiences through digital platforms, leveraging their existing investments.

With this crisis and the impact to our industry, the concern of financial stability has been raised, however, we remain fiscally strong and continue to leverage our depth of resources in supporting our client’s programs.

The FG|PG team is ready and standing by to help brands achieve their goals and avoid stagnation. As your strategic marketing partners, we will continue to make ongoing recommendations to help you navigate and thrive during these tumultuous times. Our goal is to ensure our customers can weather this storm and continue to grow.

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Frédérique “Freddie” Georges, Founder & CEO

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