• Choose the right platform
    • The most robust platform may not be what your brand needs. So choose wisely from the many options available, and know the costs of all the hidden “add-ons” before you sign a contract.
  • Plan for KPI Measurement
    • In order to evaluate the efficacy of hybrid events, KPIs are essential. They can be used to evaluate the number of attendees, audience engagement rates, email open, and click-through rates, social media impressions, cost per attendee, etc. It is up to you what you measure, but this is valuable information that you can use to assess ROI and learn more about your audience.
  • Creating a Robust Landing Page & Hype Video
    • Your pre-event strategy and landing page should work in tandem to drive buzz and interest for your experience. Proper planning will drive your return on experience and enable your guests to maximize their value from attending.
  • Involve Sponsors and Partners
    • A great way to offset your budget is to allow your partners a chance to sponsor the event, in exchange they’re given real estate to connect with your audience. We have typically done this in a virtual product salon.
  • Consider Translation Services for Inclusivity
    • Diversity and inclusion have become key components of our cultural dialogue. To accommodate a global audience and extend your reach, consider utilizing a translation service and/or a sign language channel to provide marketing materials and product demos in various languages.
  • How-To / Troubleshooting Guides
    • Consider user-friendly mini digital manuals or video tutorials to guide your virtual audience on navigating and troubleshooting your platform and getting the most out of their virtual attendance. Help Desks and Tech Support are important ingredients to consider to show attendees you care.
  • Networking & Chat Features to Power Human Connection
    • Actively engaging your audience in your online community makes the experience more valuable, and they’ll return frequently to see what’s being discussed among their peers. Two-way engagements provide enormous value to an online community.
  • Virtual Product Demos that Mirror Live Demos
    • An excellent product demonstration video that demonstrates the strength of the solution can serve as a key touchpoint on your funnel. These videos serve as proof that your product solves the customer’s problem in real-time.

  • Surveys for a Captive Audience
    • With surveys, your online community will feel a part of your event even though they aren’t physically there. Brands benefit from timely feedback pre-, and post-event. Ensure all events are successful with the right insight.
  • Integrate your Online Community with Social Media
    • In the current internet era, social media plays a crucial role in connecting brands with consumers, as it can put your brand in front of millions of people much more quickly and easily. This is another tool available to you to elevate your event, build your brand and connect with your audience.
  • Content Creation and Capturing B-roll footage, even with your virtual audience
    • From the pre-event hype video to planning to capture and share key moments and b-roll sizzle footage from your live and virtual experiences— they all add up to ways to scale your hybrid events, so they drive maximum value beyond the day. How might you use this year’s event footage to promote next year? If you don’t capture it now, you’ll be out of luck. So plan ahead! 
  • Pre-Recorded and Simu-Live Sessions
    • Consider ways to make your audience “feel” like the content is live through having pre-recorded speaker outfits match the live Q&As during the simu-live stream. Think about other elements that make a live event so energized, and add them to your simu-live experience to enhance the audience experience.
  • Live Streaming Capabilities
    • If budget allows, there’s no better way to connect your audience with a product demonstration, press event, or live session through live streaming. They will feel as connected as your live audience but from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Mirror the Best of Live Experiences
    • Photo Ops, Surprise & Delight Moments, DJs, and more are all possible when crafting a hybrid attendee experience.
  • Highly Branded Content
    • The goal of highly branded content is to make an emotional connection with consumers and draw them closer to the brand naturally. Like traditional content marketing, it provides value to consumers, while strengthening the brand identity, but the focus is establishing an emotional connection rather than selling products.

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